steel profiles obtained with laser welding

Laser Hybrid Welding and its significance in building high-end Industrial Applications

Laser hybrid welding has its roots since the inception of laser processing in industrial applications. The early use of amalgamated welding process can be seen as early as 1970 with recent advancement in state of the art machinery now occupying the current dominion from its predecessors. The work of Eboo and Steen brought in the current generation laser hybrid welding to the heavy metals industry.
Laser Hybrid Welding combines the principles of laser beam welding with arc welding in the same weld pool. The laser and the arc may both be different welding heat sources but both work well under a gaseous shielding atmosphere under ambient pressure, making it possible to combine heat sources into the unique property of Laser Hybrid Welding. This is widely in use for welding of steel, aluminum and other alloys.
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Benefits of Getting a Global MBA Abroad

Can Global MBA Programs Provide the Career Boost You Seek?

Facing the job market can be a daunting experience. The excitement and positive anticipation that accompanied your undergraduate success may have dwindled to the reality that more is needed to advance in the world of business.

After four or more long years of study, you finally graduated and earned your bachelor’s degree. You are ready to attack the world of commerce and begin a rewarding career. But none of the available jobs seem to match your dream. Or possibly you graduated years ago and have realized that additional tools and experience will help to achieve the level you are seeking.

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Study Abroad: 5 Reasons Why You Should Take The Plunge

Studying abroad is a life-changing experience for students who want to gain ground in the global market. It promotes understanding, tolerance and enables students to understand different ways of life.

Research shows that students who travel abroad for further studies are more confident and graduate with better grades. If you want to be part of the growing number of students in foreign colleges and universities, here are five reasons why you should take the plunge.

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