Design management: MBA in Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods

The University of Bologna is the oldest university in the Western world. Throughout the ages it has changed its offerings to reflect the times and what students need. In today’s world that means the world’s best students enroll in the Bologna Business School.

With its Design Management MBA program the Bologna Business School allows students from across the world a chance to understand the inner workings of creating successful luxury and fashion brands. This unique opportunity isn’t something you’ll find at any other school. Only BBS can give you the time tested insight and international perspective needed to lead in the world market.


What Will A MBA From Bologna Give Me?

A Business School in Italy may not appear on the radar of every international student, but the University of Bologna is an unique exception. The 2nd cycle program covers 3 basic curricula modern fashion management entails. You will learn about fashion brand creation, luxury goods, and the strategies you need to head a business around them. Over the course of 2 years students who attend the Bologna Business School will learn everything they need to manage fashion brands. Economics, photography, and industrial design are all covered by the courses present. These courses are intended for international students and presented in a way to meet on your terms.

Is Design Management A Good Choice For International Students?

This program is specifically designed with international students in mind. Although Bologna is an Italian university the classes you attend are always in English. Any student who is currently a citizen of a country belonging to the European Union or has resided in Italy for more than a year may attend. Aside from the academic advantages of attending the world’s oldest university is the atmosphere students can enjoy. Studying at Bologna gives you a trip into the world’s history and an understanding of the most important fundamentals of education.

A Business School In Italy Is Just The First Step

Design and fashion are some of the most timeless and promising career paths you can choose. No matter what the direction the winds take markets a businesss specializing in luxury and fashion management is destined to succeed. Consumers will always want the latest brands and with the Bologna Business School you’ll have the knowledge you need to build a legacy.

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