Benefits of Getting a Global MBA Abroad

Can Global MBA Programs Provide the Career Boost You Seek?

Facing the job market can be a daunting experience. The excitement and positive anticipation that accompanied your undergraduate success may have dwindled to the reality that more is needed to advance in the world of business.

After four or more long years of study, you finally graduated and earned your bachelor’s degree. You are ready to attack the world of commerce and begin a rewarding career. But none of the available jobs seem to match your dream. Or possibly you graduated years ago and have realized that additional tools and experience will help to achieve the level you are seeking.

In either circumstance, individuals may consider returning to university for an MBA, a degree that could add a measure of prestige and experience to their portfolio. Considering their options, some elect their local university as a safe bet. Others investigate online degrees, some of which have yet to prove their value.


Global MBA Abroad: Bologna School of Business

To gain incomparable life and business experience and a significant boost to your curriculum vitae, an MBA program abroad may be the solution. Among the most prestigious is the Global MBA at Bologna Business School, a widely recognized and prestigious MBA program in Italy that can arm you with the necessary tools and experience to advance your career.

The University of Bologna is the oldest university in the Western world, offering a wide range of Masters and MBA programs to recent graduates, young managers and mid-career professionals to broaden their global perspectives.

The Global MBA Program at Bologna Business School addresses management skills and knowledge across six different concentrations that will focus on specific objectives and can broaden horizons beyond previous levels. The program exposes the participants to leading practitioners and organizations through an expanding network of international companies.

While working on your MBA in Italy at BBS, you will work, interact and study with students from around the world, gaining perspectives on life and business that may never be available in your home country. Add the total immersion into an MBA in Italy and you obtain incomparable perspective and unforgettable life experiences.



Bologna Business School offers 6 areas of focus with its Global MBA program. These are:

• China/Far East and Europe Business Relations
• Corporate Finance
• Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods
• Food and Wine
• Green Energy and Sustainable Business
• Innovation Management

This Global MBA program in Italy is fully accredited by the European Foundation of Management Development. An MBA in Italy at Bologna Business School is designed to impart a global business perspective with world-view economics and interaction with a diverse community of fellow students. Scholarships and loans are also available.

A Human Resources Perspective

Imagine that you are a recruiter for a large multinational corporation. You objective is to fill management positions in locations throughout the system. Crossing your desk is a resume from an individual who has recently earned their MBA in Italy at Bologna Business School while having earned an undergraduate degree in another country.

Wouldn’t that individual seem to have the global perspective that you seek? This candidate would likely possess a broader business perspective, depth of experience, wider scope, and an ability to handle more diverse challenges than other candidates.

A Gloabl MBA from Bologna Business School can be the answer to all of your career dreams and impart a year-long experience that you will never forget.

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