5 frequent medical interview questions and answers

The medical industry is expanding worldwide as the Boomer generation enters retirement and later-life care, and has become one of the most lucrative for employment – not only for doctors, but for nurses, home health aides, and certified nursing assistants.

But although millions of medical jobs exist for those who have completed a credential in the medical profession, preparing for a medical interview is still very much an essential task. Here are five medical interview questions you’ll frequently be asked – and five tips on how to respond to them.

medical-jobsWhat Are Your Weaknesses?

No one enjoys hearing this question, and yet almost every interview you will ever attend will include it. All people and professionals have weaknesses, and they will come out during the course of your work. In a medical jobs setting, your employer must be confident that your weaknesses will not inhibit your ability to help patients – or that they will put lives in danger. Be frank about what you think your weak points are, but don’t overshare – choose one or two points that you think or know may emerge during the course of your employment with the interviewer’s organization, cite brief examples – only if you are asked – and then move on.

Why Did You Apply With Us?

Internally, most of us respond to this question with “Well, I need a job!” But your interviewer wants to know what you found intriguing about their company or organization in particular. In order to answer this question effectively, make sure to do a brief bit of research on each company or organization you apply with and find what you like about them. Keep those favorable impressions in mind when you are asked these questions – for example, the company’s moral compass and community work may spark your interest, or a good reputation for innovation. It can be anything – as long as it’s positive to you.

What Do You Love Most About What You Do?

Alternatively, what makes you get up to go to work in the morning? Pick three things that you enjoy the most about your work, whether it’s helping patients, counseling families through the end-of-life process, or making children smile when they’re sick. What you love about your job is what motivates you to do it well, and telling prospective employers this also gives them opportunities to help sustain that motivation if you are hired. This is one of the chances you will get to really shine during a medical interview, so don’t hesitate to share.

What Sets You Apart?

Every professional has unique qualities and skill sets that benefit their co-workers, supervisors, and companies. Think about this question carefully before you go to your interview – what is it that makes you unique? What qualities do you possess that have been a boon to your profession, and to your academic and professional achievements in the past? When you respond to this question, don’t brag, but be frank about what truly sets you apart, and frame it in a context of how that uniqueness can benefit your prospective employer.

What Would Your Last Supervisor Say Are Your Best Traits?

This is another chance to shine – imparting any professional praise you have received in the past to your interviewer. Think of times you were complimented or lauded for a job well done, or for going above and beyond the call of duty, and make it a point to communicate that to your interviewer.

Preparing for medical interview questions requires diligence and attention to detail – as will your job in the medical industry. Making ready for your interview will help you to form a positive relationship, right from the start, with your prospective employer – and will make it more likely that you’ll land the job you want.
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