Top high paying jobs for women in the UK

Women globally make up the significant majority of the labor force, but most women have historically made far less money than their male counterparts. However, with more and more nations working to close the wage gap and make more educational opportunities available to women, more women are prospering than ever before. Here, we’ll explore some of the best careers for women.


More and more women are entering the field of IT, and while it is still very male-dominated, you’ll no longer be the only woman in the office. A tremendous amount of job vacancies in London exist in IT, and the median income for IT, telecommunications, and technical directors sits at a comfortable seventy thousand pounds per annum.

While most jobs in IT require a degree or some other type of credential, some of these credentials can be taken through online study, such as Coursera or General Assembly, and may be pursued part-time alongside an entry-level position.

Marketing and Sales

jobs-for-womenMarketing is a huge industry, and sometimes you may not even need a degree to begin working in marketing if you can get an internship and work your way up. Expertise in marketing can help make or break a company’s bottom line, and a good marketing director is a solid investment, as is a good team.

Working your way up through the company ranks can earn you a cozy six figures, particularly if you have a degree in marketing – the field boasts a remarkable number of high paying jobs for women. The marketing field houses a very comfortable number of women in addition to its high earning potential, making it one of the best careers for women in the UK. Additionally, your employer may assist you in earning a marketing degree if you do not already have one, opening up new opportunities for you within your company.


The educational sector has become one of the most diverse and expansive sectors in which to work. Secondary and higher education instructors can earn anywhere from forty-three thousand up through seventy thousand pounds per annum – and more if you teach for a private school or university.

Education offers a significant number of high paying jobs for women as well as a large number of job vacancies in London, so if you have a real passion for education, seek out teaching opportunities among both private and public universities once you’ve earned your advanced degree.┬áIn some cases, if you already work in the educational sector, you can continue your studies towards an advanced degree with your employer either paying your tuition outright or via tuition reimbursement.

Seasonal Jobs

Even if you are not interested in a high-powered career, or feel that you do not have room in your life for one, you can still rake in some excellent cash working part-time or seasonal jobs. Some of the best paying seasonal jobs also involve some of the strangest work you can think of, such as Christmas party DJing, Christmas tree designing, or creating culinary delights such as mince pies and reindeer-based dishes. Personal shoppers also earn a tidy sum for those who don’t have time to do it themselves.

Whether you levy an existing degree or credential, or simply use skills you’ve picked up along the way to bake delicious mince pies or crank out a customer’s holiday shopping, a wide array of job opportunities in these areas and more can be found on Jobtome, one of the top job search engines serving the UK. Jobtome curates millions of listings every day from around the world, and has one of the largest selections of job vacancies in London as well.

If you’re a woman living in the UK looking to increase your earnings, each of these areas is well worth exploring.

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